May Newsletter

April 30, 2010

Dear First Grade Families,
I am excited to announce that we are getting ready to start a new thematic unit for the month of May. Because spring weather is fast approaching I have decided it is time to start talking about, "All Things Spring." You and your child will start seeing some new things appear in the class room. Here is what you can expect to see! We will be putting soil and seeds in the texture table where students will be able to discover what the different types of seeds look like. In our reading center we will be putting out our books that talk to students about anything to do with spring. Some of our art projects will include making birdhouses and planting flowers of our own! We are also planning a field trip to a local greenhouse here in town. Instructionally, we are going to start learning about parts of our language, some of which include: Nouns, Verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. For science we will start discovering how eggs hatch, what plants need to grow, and the lifecycle of the butterfly.
NOTE: For our planting project along with our birdhouse building project we will be needing parent volunteers as well as parents to donate the materials. If you are interested in helping or donating please talk to me today!

Miss Shaffer ~First grade teacher

science girl