My Work

This is a piece I completed my sophomore year of college while attending the University of Oregon. 

The assignment was to integrate at least 3 different fonts into a single piece, I used gothic, italic, copperplate, and uncial.



This is another piece I completed while attending the University of Oregon.  Unfortunately you can't see the drawing in the middle of a seashell.

The assignment here was to use the gothic font to create a large piece of work, while integrating another form of art into the piece.



This piece was done during my Junior year of high school.  We were asked to pick something to draw, and do so using one word, and writing the same word over and over again in order to shade in the drawing.

The word I wrote over and over again was "Smiles."

I entered this piece in the Oregon State Fair, and it won an honorable mention, and had two people offer to buy it. 



If you have questions, or would like to request a piece to be done, please email me at