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Below you will find links to websites about some authors and their stories that have continually influenced and inspired me. Check 'em out! Who knows, maybe they'll inspire you too!


Oscar Wilde-

Picture of Dorian Gray-
One of Mr. Wilde's best! A story about a handsome young man who sells his soul for immortal youth and loses his mind in the process.
Importance of Being Earnest-
Always good for a laugh, 'Earnest' is a play about farcical social conventions and duplicity in the upper classes. It's one of Mr. Wilde's funniest! Check it out!


oscar wilde


George Orwell-

The story of a man who fights back against the totalitarian regime of Big Brother in a dystopian future of communism.
Animal Farm-
Another cautionary tale against communism, Animal Farm tells of animals on a farm who revolt against their human owner and begin to seek independence, adopting communist-like ideals of togetherness and equality. Over many years, the animals begin to resemble the cruel humans they revolted against, beginning the whole communist cycle over again.

george orwell


J.K Rowling-

Harry Potter-

To those of you who still have not entered the Harry Potter universe; it follows Harry Potter through seven years of wizarding school as he attempts to battle a dark sorcerer named Voldemort.

jk rowling


James Patterson-

Maximum Ride-
The story of six genetically engineered kids who are 98% human and 2% avian, leaving them all with functional working wings. As they escape from the people who created them, Maximum Ride (the protagonist) learns that she must not only save the six of them from the scientists, but the rest of the world as well.
Witch and Wizard-
This is quite an effective cautionary tale set in a dystopian future where, in essence, creativity has been outlawed. Anything that goes against the New Order is illegal. The story follows two kids, Whit and Wisty, who find out that they possess magical powers and it is up to them to stop the New Order and save the world!

james patterson


Marilyn Kaye-

As my first taste of real science fiction, this series holds a special place in my heart. It follows a girl named Amy Candler as she starts to become stronger, in every sense of the word. Every sense becomes magnified and throughout the course of the first book, she discovers that she is one of seven clones created as part of an experiment meant to engineer a race of superior humans. Over the next 24 books, Amy goes on several adventures and (as a 12 year old reader following a 12 year old protagonist) it was quite an awesome ride. Great for younger readers!


marilyn kaye



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