The Game of Basketball
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The Game of basketball is where two teams play on a court with the objective of scoring points by making a basket which consist of putting a basketball into a basketball hoop. Each team can have only five players on the court at a time and may sub in players throughout the game. The team with the most points after four 15 minute quarters wins.




What Does Each One Do?

  1. Center
  2. Point Guard
  3. Shooting Guard
  4. Small Forward
  5. Power Forward


Description- A foul is when a player from a team commits a penalty or violation.

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Types of scoring- you can score by either making a basket during actual play or at the free throw during a foul
-Field Goal Percentage is the percentage found after the end of games based on the number of shots taken and number of shots made

-Free Throw Percentage is the percentage found at the end of the game based on the number of free throws taken and the free throws made




The NBA is the National Basketball Association. it is the basketball league in the United States and around the world seen as the most prestige league there is.

Research Project.

Your Project is to find 2 NBA teams and make a chart of five players that fill each position of basketball and also make a chart of each players shooting and free throw percentage along with the over all teams percentages for both.

Than you are to compare both teams players and Stats and write a page on who would win if a game was played between the two and where each team would have the advantage over the other.


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