Deep Lake backpacking trip w/ Aaron, Donna, Kim, & Tad  Sep 27-29, 2002 (Gifford-Pinchot wilderness)
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Quick break during the 2.5 miles in up fairly steep terrain... too bad these pictures came out dark

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First morning in our Beeaauutiful camp site on the lakes edge

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Merlot around the campfire, but out of a bowl???

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Some rain and cold the second night, nice Oregon morning.

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Day hike around several area lakes (and a quick swim!!)


My solo hike to Lake Wapiki provided some beautiful views of the lake and Adams, StHelens, Hood, and eastern Oregon high desert
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A side trip on the Wapika hike was a climb of Lemei?? Rock

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I went up this on hands and feet...  
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looking back down...
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up top was a knife ridge to cross...   cool peak, although I decided not to climb it
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Looking over the back side of Lemei rock, I could see Deep Lake and the trail to get back to it (and some extremely cool views)
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I attempted to down climb the back side, unsure of what was below me... when I was hanging on to a tree and couldn't see anything below for the next step, I decided to go back up, down the front side and hike the trail around back to camp.  From the trail back I could see that there wasn't anything below those trees for at least a hundred feet!!