>Mexico Trip
Spring Break 2006, I was able to travel with a group of students from my college for a week+ long missions trip to San Vicente Guerrero in baja Mexico.  We built 2 houses, re-roofed a 3rd, dug a septic pit, put on parties for the kids of 2 migrant worker camp areas, visited inmates at a local rehab center, spent 60 hours in cars together, built a lot of relationships, and had a great, exhausting time.  We ended up with 1500+ pictures.  With so much done it was no easy task narrowing it down even to these 200+ pictures for a representation of the trip!

The trip down
Life at "the compound"

the Church
An afternoon at the beach
The rehab center
Migrant Camp Parties
The adobe house (re-roofing)
The Pit (septic dig) (...and tortilla making break)
The "add-on" house
the "new" house
Families we stayed with
The fiesta
More pics...
Packing Up and Leaving the compound
The road home