Beach Boyz Hooky Day
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ArndtHouse-127.JPG (102529 bytes)
The Arndt Abode

MorningWalk-001.JPG (86737 bytes)   MorningWalk-005.JPG (79525 bytes)
Morning walk down to Fogarty Creek Beach.  Not a cloud in the sky!

FogartyCreekMorning-011.JPG (48867 bytes)   FogartyCreekMorning-012.JPG (59589 bytes)   FogartyCreekMorning-014.JPG (86112 bytes)
Fogarty Creek Beach - a sandy cove with a stream running through it to the ocean

FishingRockMorngroup-032.JPG (97935 bytes)   FishingRockMornGroup-033.JPG (103467 bytes)
FishingRockMorn-013.JPG (80887 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-018.JPG (77127 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-021.JPG (82382 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-022.JPG (90841 bytes)
Short Walk to Fishing Rock State Park - a grassy bluff on top of the rock cliffs dropping into the ocean. No wind at all!
FishingRockMorn-023.JPG (66492 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-025.JPG (77292 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-028.JPG (90756 bytes)   FishingRockMorn-031.JPG (69871 bytes)

WhaleCove-039.JPG (77923 bytes)   WhaleCove-037.JPG (79811 bytes)   WhaleCove-036.JPG (96454 bytes)
Whale Cove Cafe.  This is the view from our table during breakfast.  Waves were breaking pretty big.

Golf-044.JPG (87127 bytes)   Golf-046.JPG (83683 bytes)   Golf-047.JPG (110872 bytes)   Golf-054.JPG (72613 bytes)
 On to the mid-day games...  Temp: ~65!

FogartyCreekEve-058.JPG (51633 bytes)   FogartyCreekEve-060.JPG (63621 bytes)
A walk back down to Fogarty Creek.

FogartyCreekSunset-079.JPG (47303 bytes)   FogartyCreekSunset-082.JPG (44985 bytes)   FogartyCreekSunset-085.JPG (53489 bytes)
Sunset at Fogarty... then a walk up to Fishing Rock to watch it the sun set again.

FishingRockEve-096.JPG (85856 bytes)   FishingRockEve-092.JPG (116775 bytes)   FishingRockEve-093.JPG (112099 bytes)   FishingRockEve-109.JPG (74258 bytes)
An awesome spectacle at Fishing Rock
FishingRockEve-098.JPG (92173 bytes)   FishingRockEve-099.JPG (90974 bytes)   FishingRockEve-100.JPG (88741 bytes)   FishingRockEve-110.JPG (83561 bytes)
FishingRockEve-111.JPG (86284 bytes)   FishingRockEve-112.JPG (84701 bytes)   FishingRockEve-118.JPG (59615 bytes)

FishingRockSunset-090.JPG (56058 bytes)   FishingRockSunset-123.JPG (71096 bytes)   FishingRockSunset-126.JPG (77602 bytes)
Two sunsets in one day, but this time over the water...

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And to think... I could've been at work right now.