Teen Homelessness

In Portland, Oregon

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What is Homelessness? Different Types of Homelessness Statistics Different Programs Why Portland?

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What is Homelessness?

Being Homeless is being without a permanent stable place to live. Something important to understand though is that there are quite a few teens who are homeless who do not live on the streets. Some of the other options that homeless individuals do are:

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Different Types of Homelessness

When teens are homeless it usually comes from two different scenarios being a Throwaway or Runaway Teen.


Teen Homeless A Throwaway is a teen who was thrown out of their house by their family. These teens can be seen as outcasts among society, different, which results in them losing support from their family.

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Teen Homeless A Runaway is a teen who was not forced out by a person but was rather forced out by the unhealthy situation that they were in. Most of the teens experience severe sexual and physical abuse and their parents or guardian struggles from alcoholism and/or drug abuse.


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Different Programs

There are many different programs that have been implemented in different cities in order to help teens who are homeless. There are shelters, alternative schools, and smaller programs that help these youth with a variety of things such as


A local shelter here in Portland is Janus Youth. This shelter gives kids a great opportunity to get a hot meal and have a bed to sleep in for the night. Janus Youth was started in Portland, Oregon in the year 1972. Since that year it has spread to over 20 shelters throughout the Northwest.

Alternative School

An Alternative School is a school that provides an alternative education  by applying the teaching styles to the students specific needs. An Alternative School in Portland, Oregon that has made a by difference is New Avenues for Youth. This program is an Alternative School for teens who are homeless as well as a safe place for them to hang out at. New Avenues makes their teaching styles better for youth without a stable living environment. Some of the differences between this Alternative School and a traditional school are, The students are fed three meals a day, all work is done in class, and youth are given necessary items such as: hygiene items and clothes.

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Why Portland?

Many people from Portland wonder why there are so many homeless teens around this area. The state of Oregon has not passed many laws that other states have in order to prevent runaway teens. In Oregon it is legal for teens to runaway from home and live on the streets even though that same thing can be illegal in other states.



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