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Fairy Tales

     A fairy tale is a type of story that allows your imagination to explore. Fairy tales have been written and told orally all around the world, for thousands of years. Usually fairy tales are magical and take place in a faraway time and place. There are many different elements to fairy tales that makes them unique to any other genre of literature. There are hundreds of different fairy tales, anyone could write a fairytale, even you! This webpage will help you learn more about fairy tales, and give you the tools to create your own.  

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Examples of Fairy Tales

There are many different fairy tales. This list does not include every fairy tale, click on the different titles to read the story!

·         Cinderella (most all of the Disney princess stories)

·         Jack and the Bean Stalk

·         Hansel and Gretel

·         The Emperor’s New Clothes

·         The Princess and the Pea

·         Puss and Boots

·         Rapunzel

·         Rumplestilksen

Disney PrincessesJack and the BeanstalkPuss and BootsRapunzelthe Princess and the Pearumpelstiltskin

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The Fairy Tale Checklist

Although there are many different kinds of fairy tales, there are specific elements that make a fairytale unique to other types of stories. This is a checklist of elements that are usually part of a fairytale. Use this list to either create your own fairytale, or decide if the story you are reading is a fairy tale. 

=== "Once upon a time" beginnings, mostly in a faraway past time

=== Princesses, princes, kings, queens, and royalty

=== Animals are often animated and can have special abilities

=== Humans can take on unusual forms, such as giants, dwarfs

=== Setting is often enchanted, including kingdoms, castles, and forests

=== Magic is used - wave that magic wand to help your protagonist out!

=== Innocent, good characters, subjected to misfortune or evil misdoings

=== Evil and often powerful antagonists

=== Problems, heightened action, climax, and solutions, all leading to...

=== "They lived happily ever after" endings

=== Fairy tales can often teach a lesson

fairytale town

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Creating Your Own Fairy Tale

There are a few different ways to create your own fairy tale. You can either completely create your own that is different from any other, or you can re-create one that has already been done. Re-creating a fairy tale is called a fractured fairy tale, the link below is an outline if you are interested in creating a fractured fairytale

Outline to create a fractured Fairy Tale

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Fairy Tale Lesson Plans

A fairytale unit can be a very fun experience for both teachers and students. There are endless possibilities of lessons and activities that a teacher or parent can do to teach their student about fairytales. the following links are resources for teachers and parents if interested in teaching about fairytales

child's drawing of a fairytale

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